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Timing is Not Everything, Knowing When You Were Hurt Helps Too

In Edwards v. Thorpe, we learn that once again, timing is everything when it comes to bringing an action but also having an understanding of when the injury actually occurred.  876 F.Supp. 693 (1995). In this case, the Plaintiff, Causley … Continue reading

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Malpractice Claims with Merit Must Haver Certificates Proving Such

If nothing else, this case shows that no matter how simple a malpractice case may seem, it is always useful to have two things, Certificates of Merit and an attorney. Edward Donnelly, proceeding pro se, filed an action for legal … Continue reading

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Monthly Column – Legal Malpractice Damages Analysis

When asked of what area of law this author focuses, “I represent victims of financial injury” is the “elevator speech.” The follow-up inquiry (usually from other attorneys), is “but I thought you also represented victims of legal malpractice?” Ay, but … Continue reading

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