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The Merits of being Timely

Slewion v. Weinstein et al., CA No. 10-CV-5325, (E.D.PA August 6, 2012) is a case which involved a summary judgment motion based on a lack of certificate of merit. The plaintiff in the case was unable to produce the certificate … Continue reading

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I Tip My Hat to the New Constitution.

Giannini v. Rosenberg, No. 11-3542 (June 8, 2012 D.N.J.) is a case which examines the process of bringing a malpractice suit while an ethics charge is still pending. This case is being presented to show the various levels of complaints … Continue reading

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The Difficult Case of Wrongful Discharge

Randler v. Kountry Kraft Inc., No. 1:11-CV-474, (M.D.Pa. October 24, 2011) is an employment case related to termination.Pennsylvania is known as an “at-will” employment state. This means that generally, a person may be terminated for any reason, as long as … Continue reading

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How to Lose a House Without Really Trying.

Indymac Bank, FSB v. Kesselman et al., No. A-4830-10T4, (N.J. Super. App. April 4 2012) is a case which examines the difficult issue of establishing a defense to foreclosure. Due to the massive volume of foreclosure cases in recent years, … Continue reading

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